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Imagine 60's mod-into psychedelia gobbling tabs of Beefheart and Bevis Frond quirkoid and resolutely saying "Nosirree!" to the rock establishment. Singer/ guitarist Jack Wenberg is our answer to Britain's Nikki Sudden.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Creative Loafing ( Charlotte, NC )


Weaned on Beatles and Small Faces, Jack's music has a ticklish approach to psychedelia, stoking it with calm folk-pop melodies, but simultaneously prodding the pearl sack with unusual garage irritants.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Fred Mills, Spectator Magazine


Reminiscent of poppish '60's psychedelia with a sizable influence of pop and garage punk from the same era.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Encore Magazine


Jack Wenberg has a voice that seems a cross between Robyn Hitchcock and Donovon, with a folksy musical style influenced much by the Beatles and Fairport Convention. His band, The Larks, are the most interesting act to come  down the retro-alternative pike in a long time.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Chapel Hill News


Past musical endeavors:

The Heydays


Snatches of Pink


The Larks

40 Watt Club w/ S.O.P.

         Born at an early age, Jack  Wenberg began his rock odyssey playing bass and  rhythm guitar alongside drumming legend Sara Romweber in Chapel Hill, NC's infamous Snatches of Pink. The band began as a trio, with Andy M. on stand-up snare, M. Rank on electric guitar and Jack on bass. After a year in this configuration, Sara Romweber, fresh from her stint in Let's Active, decided to join the band after seeing a explosive performance at the Cave. Now a quartet, the raucous rock band toured up and down the East Coast and into the deep South, sharing stages with Jason & the Scorchers , Johnny Thunders and many others.  "The Stupid Tape," a six-song demo produced by John Plymale, emerged from the madness.  Released only on cassette, "The Stupid Tape" received extensive local airplay and yielded the college radio hit  "Lonesome Jake," a song written by Jack Wenberg,

       Jack left SOP to move to Wilmington, NC and form the Heydays, a psychedelic rock band featuring his songs exclusively.  But not before corralling Sara Romweber and producer John Plymale into JAG Studios, Raleigh, NC to record his first full-length solo record. With Sara bashing her kit, Jack sang and played bass and electric/ acoustic guitars on eleven original songs. Guuitarist Mike Haskins dropping by for a day to add some scorching leads.  During pre-production, and to return the favor, Jack produced four original and eclectic Sara Romweber songs with  Sara singing, playing drums and electric guitar. (To Be Continued...)

"NC-based rock star makes his indie debut with a 60's retro yet modern sound"

- John Tirckle , Buckets of Blood

"Jack Wenberg is one of the scene's best songwriters."

- Linda Shine, 'Sup magazine

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